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Bloodborne Pathogens

This 1 hour classroom only OSHA recognized training certifies students who may have occupational risks of being exposed to disease-producing viruses that are found in the blood or body fluids of another person. This program is designed to give you core knowledge and understanding of recognizing your risks of exposure to potentially infectious materials and to be able to take actions to reduce or eliminate those risks when faced with the possibility of exposure.

This course does not require a skills verification of attendees to obtain their certification. No $75.00 fee for material pick-up or drop-off will be required.

OSHA recognizes this course for one year; however, some participants may have a longer validation period depending on their requirements.


Bloodborne Pathogens
HBV- Hepatitis B Virus
HCV- Hepatitis C Virus
HIV- Human Immunodeficiency Virus
Transmitting Pathogens
Exposure Control Plan
Methods to Control Occupational Risks
Using Personal Protective Equipment
Hepatitis B Immunization
When Exposure Occurs
Communicating Hazards in the Workplace

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